The ‘Arms’ Don’t Do What You Think!

MASTERS week is soon approaching which is my favourite week of the year and to cap it off, I’ll be launching my NEW APP, full of instructional tips and lessons, as well as a section that will be focused on areas that might interest you.

To start, I’m launching PUTTING 1.0 which will go through putting techniques and ideas that you can work on at home, before you get to the course, from setup to stroke, and a bunch of ideas to help you manage the feels of Distance Control and Aiming. There might be a few tests and challenges in there to help you recognize a little bit about your perception. Who doesn’t like a good illusion?

The second series is going to tackle some swing fundamentals, and I’m not talking about Grip Stance Ball Position and Posture – which are the most VARIABLE things in the game – but the true fundamentals of ball flight, speed production, rhythm, and balance. There are things that all great players do and then there are things that they do uniquely. This series will discuss what they do to hit the ball as smoothly and powerfully as we see on TV. Check out this video clip which is a short example of one of the videos.

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