The Problem With Shifting Your Weight

Tim Conaway

Tim Conaway

Owner & Director of Instruction, Conaway Golf Academy

A lot of students say that when they swing, they get their weight into their right leg in the backswing easily but have trouble getting it back on the left side and end up hitting behind the golf ball. I ask them why they feel the need to shift their weight? When our center of gravity moves dramatically during the golf swing, it is going to alter where the bottom of our swing is going to be located.

Instead, you want to push into the ground with both feet during your golf swing to keep your center of gravity right on top of the golf ball. This will generate a lot more speed and deliver solid contact.

When you set up, have a little more force in your left foot at set up to build your pivot and push down into the ground with your right foot. As you transition, push back into the ground with your left foot without leaning over your left leg. You’ll be able to deliver a lot more clubhead speed with a lot less effort by pushing into the ground with both feet. Focus on using your feet properly in the golf swing by pushing into the ground instead of moving laterally and you’ll get a lot better contact.