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Franklin Bridge Performance Institute

Franklin Bridge Performance Institute

2021 Williamson's Best Winner

If you’ve been listening closely you’ll have heard that my second book is now available for pre-order! In it, I present the “stats to end all stats” – BPN, OP, POA. Why are they the stats to end all stats…?? Well, these three key data points allow us to predict the outcomes of tournaments on the PGA Tour. More importantly, they have more than 5 MAJOR applications for YOUR game! Struggle with mindset? Struggle knowing what shots to pick? Inconsistent performance from round to round, or within a round? Struggle to take your range game to the course? Trouble handling pressure or nerves? Struggle knowing when/what/where/how to adjust? Or even if you should? Struggle staying in the moment and focusing on one shot at a time? Well, it’s time to get your hands on my second book: “Golf Decoded: Unraveling the Game’s Greatest Secrets”. 

Sound too good to be true? I once thought so too! Until I tracked more than 10,000 holes and began applying it to players at various levels of play. What’s more…you can precisely identify the exact areas responsible for poor performance and get to work on those right away! So how do you get your hands on a copy? Pre-Order it at the link below!  

Pre-Orders must be submitted by November 15th (read the details as to how much to pay depending on the benefits you want to receive). By utilizing GoFundMe and Pre-Ordering your copy you’ll get advanced access to the book (Receive by Christmas. Non pre-orders will be waiting till 2nd quarter 2022 to get it), free “tee gifts”, Free lessons, and discounts on the retail price of the book!

This 50 page book will consist of many diagrams AND include video links to further descriptions of how to understand and utilize the content in your own game!  So what are you waiting for? Pre-Order your SIGNED copy today!!  (NOTE: Cover will be released in the next few days…). 

Want a copy of my first book? Buy a copy in the clubhouse today or search it on Amazon: The Champions Playbook!

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