View Your Students’ Progress

The performance section in the SwingU Coach app allows you to view your students’ the most recent rounds of golf. The scorecards display automatically after being recorded in the SwingU app. The strokes gained analysis will break down every facet of their game and make it easy to analyze. Whether your client is new to golf or trying to become a scratch player, this tool will help you accurately identify their flaws.

The unique formula used to calculate strokes gained determines all of a player’s strengths and weaknesses. It displays a relative handicap for five areas: Driving, Approach Shots, Chipping & Pitching, Bunker Play, and Putting. This makes it easy to identify what part of your game needs work.

This data is useful for in-person lessons to help focus on problem areas, and help the player get the most out of their training sessions. In your instruction app, you can also prescribe players video lessons based on their recent rounds to help them lower their scores.

Check out these example rounds: